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Commercial Tiling Services

Deer Creek Tile is a young and innovative company carrying over 30 years of experience in various tile, stone and glass installations, including but not limited to Wall Tiles, Tile Flooring, Tiled Showers and Backsplashes. 


Our extensive trade and product knowledge enables us to inspire confidence in our clients. When we estimate a project we consider the details, and manage our clients expectations accordingly.

Deer Creek Tile prioritizes its Contractors work! Whether we are installing a tile floor at a Thrift Store around the corner from us, or we are traveling to South Carolina to redo a tiled shower at a Planet Fitness, Deer Creek Tile always delivers the best service. 


If you want:

  • Great customer service 

  • Professional craftsmanship 

  • Professional work ethic 

  • High level of responsibility

  • Extensive trade & industry knowledge


call Deer Creek Tile or add us to your bid list...

Don't wait! Call us today at (804) 704-5083

***Business License, Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Tax Identification, and W-9, upon request.***


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